Auto-Renew… .

I’ve been receiving emails, over the last week, stating, “E.C.Rogue will auto-renew”…. matter of fact it’s my blogniversary…an whole 2 years!  The emails made me realize that I haven’t posted in over a year….well it’s time to spring back into action….

Think about how you can plant a seed for a perennial  plant/tree, and by the fall the plant/tree grows up strong, confidently, and bearing fruit/flowers for your picking or it didn’t grow at all.  Then the following year that same  plant/tree barely grew nor produced fruit/flowers….Then the season after that, the same plant/tree grew in abundance unlike any other prior bloom……..maybe it was the weather that year… lack of or too much rain, lack of or too much sun, too cold, too hot perhaps?…maybe it was the physiological make-up of the seed itself….?  This is actually referred to seed dormancy.Screenshot_20170726-144014

The irony is that there is correlation among living things….the reason behind my dormancy?  I can tell you it’s a little bit of both physical and physiological conditions…I had to work on me….heal, forgive, work on my spiritual attunement, stabilize my environment, weigh and weed my relationships….rid everything that keeps me from bearing fruit/flowers….

A small sprout can have deep roots….  ~E’spiphany









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