….Having a Plan ‘B’ Means You Don’t Completely Believe in Your Plan ‘A’

So here I am…recently graduated…sitting in my boss’ office awaiting my annual performance review.  I thought to myself today is the day that I am finally going to hear about my position re-class.  My brown-nosing co-worker was re-classed after obtaining an english degree…I meant literature degree…I don’t know what it’s in…I know it wasn’t comparable to his position like mine is….My other co-worker, the brown-nosing side kick, was re-classed and she’s a year out from receiving her paper…to add sugar to shit, these two mofo’s right here were hired to do what I was now assigned to do through department ‘re-organization’…very interesting…So let me get this right…I’m strategically placed in their position which made their environment conducive to them being able to perform successfully…I watched them be awarded offices and then promotions without any sort a vetting process for the most qualified candidate….Furthermore, I have more direct experience in this game than the two of them put together!  Ok, this shit ain’t right! – ya’ll must think I’m slow as hell….In any event, I pushed through the remainder of my program during the 1st half of the year…I didn’t challenge any of the decisions being made because I was told that I, too, was going get re-classed – I was told that my stuff was mine to manage….I have to admit it is hard to watch blessings get distributed to everyone but me, but I kept pressing on…eyes on the prize…constantly reminding myself that the devil is liar – don’t get detoured…what’s for me is for me!…all of those positive innuendos when giving yourself a pep talk came into play…I was patient and still played fair even with my new alleged team members stabbing me in the back while using the knives for a ladder toward their personal advancement….it has to be my turn now….Um, negative!

I’m sitting with now boss #3…the 3rd one in the 4 years I’ve been employed here…the same person who pushed to get me wrote up by boss #2 last summer…dig this…for mistakenly paying the statement amount on an utility bill and not the suggested amount…do you know they had the audacity to say I was maliciously causing harm to the organization….In their discovery, not only did I pay one wrong – I actually paid two wrong!  They tried it…I processed two invoices on the same day and in the same minute…this means I processed two invoices within 60 seconds and 24 hours of receipt!…I was impressed with myself…Sorry Sirs this looks like human error due to haste…I was sitting on a beach in Punta Cana…sipping vodka tonic…thinking to myself what I was going to come back to when I got back home….It was bullshit every time I left the office so I knew a few days vacation would give them ample time, and as soon as I got back in the office boss #2 wants to meet with me to tell me that my VP, the boss’ boss, wants me wrote up….lies you tell…see y’all like to name drop, but whatever…let’s do this….By the end of last year boss #2 takes another position and I now get to report directly to #3….so the person who pushed to fire me is now going to push to re-class me….yeah, right!

In awkward silence, while I waited with bated breath only for my boss to say, “If I re-class you based on what you do exactly, then you can possibly be demoted.”  My job description, on record, is the job that I was hired to do…when I was re-organized to report to boss #2, an email was sent to HR that added to my responsibilities…technically, I should have been re-classed a long time ago…during the course of the transition, boss #1 decided that he no longer needed (wanted) me to do what I was hired for and encouraged boss #2 to peel away from my position bit by bit….Screenshot_20180817-090506_Instagram.jpg

So this is where I am… “Be patient…changes are coming…cross train [with the very same people who slice you behind close doors]”, He says.

….Nah, I’m cool…maybe pride is going to be my punishment, but I have a plan….  ~E’spiphany